Group Fitness Class



9 am │ BE.defined with Sheri

10.15 am │ Dancehall Fit with Nyesha

6 pm │ Just Dance (Latin) with Enrique

7.10 pm │ Hip Hop Cardio with Dietra

*your first class with Dietra is free for the month of May


9 am │ Dance Fit Combo with Amber

6 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah


6 pm │ Dancehall Fit with Nyesha


6 pm │ Just Dance (Latin + Pop) with Enrique

7.10 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah


10 am │ Bootylicious with Sheri


9 am │ Dance Fit Combo with Amber

10.15 am │ Just Dance (Pop) with Enrique

May 20th

4 pm │ Phunk Fit Masterclass with Sarah ($15)


11 am │ Phunk Fit with Sarah

Class Descriptions: 

Just Dance │ Get in touch with your inner pop star circa TRL 1999! The music  takes center stage during this hour-long sweatfest in a follow-the-leader style dance cardio workout choreographed to the hottest beats! Join the dance party and come find out why people have fallen in love with this Baile Studio original in all its forms; Latin and Pop

BE.defined │ A combination of Pilates, ballet, yoga and weight training techniques will be used for an incredible total body workout that will define your muscles and your soul.

Bootylicious │ A jam packed class with a combination of easy to follow dance moves and booty-kicking sculpting exercises for a better rear view and core! Light weights and resistance bands will be incorporated into this fun, dynamic, and body-changing workout. 

Dancehall Fit│ Jamaican-style hip hop. Music that would make the great Bob Marley himself happy and Caribbean-Island soul and movement come together for a unique dance class that you are going to fall in love with!

Phunk Fit • This dance class is for everyone wanting an easy to follow, high-energy workout with hot music of all urban genres. It fuses funk and hip hop musical styles and HIIT (High-Intensity Intermittent Training) exercise.

GROUP CLASS ETIQUETTE: Please arrive on time and check in at the front desk before you begin your workout • Set all electronic devices to silent • Refrain from wearing black/hard soles inside the studio • During inclement winter weather, we appreciate it when you bring an extra pair of dry shoes to work out in.