Group Class Schedule



9:00 am │ BE.defined with Sheri

6:00 pm │ P E A C H E S with Adrián


10:00 am │ Flow Yoga with Meg

6:00 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah


6:00 pm │ Dancehall Fit with Nyesha


10:00 am │ Phunk Fitness with Sarah (new)

6:00 pm │ G_RL with Adrián

7:10 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah

July 4th only:

10:15 am │ G_RL with Adrián

*no evening classes


  • no classes on this day


10:15 am │ P E A C H E S with Adrián


11:00 am │ Phunk Fit with Sarah

Class Descriptions: 

PEACHES │ Life is a peach... and then we dance. Whether you're seeking fun or fitness, this dance class has a little something for everybody. This is the perfect fit for dance/music lovers. Give us sixty minutes of your day, and together we'll turn this into your happy hour.

G_RL │ Unleash your inner pop star. Madonna, Britney, Rihanna, Janet, and everything in between. Break out the round brush and get your sexy on with this sixty-minute dance-fest! This fun and flirty Baile Studio exclusive was created with one thing in mind: female empowerment.

BE.defined │ A combination of Pilates, ballet, yoga and weight training techniques will be used for an incredible total body workout that will define your muscles and your soul.

Dancehall Fit│ This is Jamaican-style hip hop. Body-swaying music, Caribbean-Island soul, and movement come together for a unique dance class that you are going to fall in love with.

Phunk Fit │ This dance class is for everyone wanting an easy to follow, high-energy workout with hot music of all urban genres. It fuses funk and hip hop musical styles and HIIT (High-Intensity Intermittent Training) exercise.

AfroTempo │ Almost every form of dancing can be traced back to African roots… so, come learn from the best and get your sweat on with this beginner-friendly, high energy dance workout.

MC Dance Party │ Have fun and dance to original "follow along" choreography set to current hit music! A variety of dance styles are included in this class; contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and more! Move your body and challenge your mind but most importantly… have a blast!

* Our classes are designed for people 16 and up

GROUP CLASS ETIQUETTE: Please arrive on time and check in at the front desk before you begin your workout • Set all electronic devices to silent • Refrain from wearing black/hard soles inside the studio • During inclement winter weather, we appreciate it when you bring an extra pair of dry shoes to work out in.