6:00 pm │ Dancehall Fit with Nyesha


6:00 pm │ P E A C H E S with Adrián

7:10 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah

Hello, December.

Group Class Schedule



9:00 am │ BE.defined with Sheri

10:15 am │ Dancehall Fit with Nyesha

6:00 pm │ P E A C H E S with Adrián


10:00 am │ Flow Yoga with Meg

6:00 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah

7:10 pm │ Zumba with Allison


10:00 am más.PEACHES with Adrián

6:00 pm │ Dancehall Fit with Nyesha


6:00 pm │ P E A C H E S with Adrián

7:10 pm │ Phunk Fit with Sarah

December 14th only:

6:00 pm │ G_RL with Adrián


Studio Closed


10:15 am │ P E A C H E S with Adrián


11:00 am │ Phunk Fit with Sarah


Baile will be closed from Sunday, December 24th - Friday, December 29th

Regular classes on Saturday, December 30th and Sunday, December 31st

Studio closed on New Year's Day (Monday, January 1st, 2018)

Regular class schedule resumes on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Class Descriptions: 

PEACHES │ Life is a peach... and then we dance. Whether you're seeking fun or fitness, this dance class has a little something for everybody. This is the perfect fit for dance/music lovers. Give us sixty minutes of your day, and together we'll turn this into your happy hour.

G_RL │ Unleash your inner pop star. Madonna, Britney, Rihanna, Janet, and everything in between. Break out the round brush and get your sexy on with this sixty-minute dance-fest! This fun and flirty Baile Studio exclusive was created with one thing in mind: female empowerment.

BE.defined │ A combination of Pilates, ballet, yoga and weight training techniques will be used for an incredible total body workout that will define your muscles and your soul.

Dancehall Fit│ This is Jamaican-style hip hop. Body-swaying music, Caribbean-Island soul, and movement come together for a unique dance class that you are going to fall in love with.

Phunk Fit │ This dance class is for everyone wanting an easy to follow, high-energy workout with hot music of all urban genres. It fuses funk and hip hop musical styles and HIIT (High-Intensity Intermittent Training) exercise.

más.PEACHES │ Our only goal is to get your body moving. Fun and easy to follow. Cardio and dance with a side of toning exercises. Summer peaches are possible all year round!

ZUMBA │ Energetic, fun, and easy to follow! This is the dance fitness classic that got the world moving. Ditch the workout. Join the party.

GROUP CLASS ETIQUETTE: Please arrive on time and check in at the front desk before you begin your workout • Set all electronic devices to silent • Refrain from wearing black/hard soles inside the studio • During inclement winter weather, we appreciate it when you bring an extra pair of dry shoes to work out in.