Baile Dance Fitness Studio (pronounced bi-lay and it means dance in Spanish) came into being because I love, and have always loved to dance.  Even though I'm not a professionally trained dancer, I've always been passionate about dance.  I've also always loved to be active and fit.  It wasn't unit I started taking Zumba from an amazing instructor named Enrique that I realized I could infuse my life with the dance I love while also getting a great workout. It was the perfect combination; dance, fitness, and fun.  It became my dream to create a beautiful dance studio where we would offer dance fitness classes inspired by a variety of dance styles and music genres, and led by a team of amazing instructors.  My dream has become a reality in Baile Studio.

It's our mission at Baile to provide our clients with a positive, upbeat experience every time they come into our studio.   We want them to feel they are healthier and happier for having made Baile a part of their lives and that they are members of our Baile family.