We know that those eight hours that precede your hour-long dance session with us aren't exactly easy. Which is why we have composed a simple guide to surviving your daily office routine. So without further ado...

• Find the right chair for you

This is probably one the most important things you will do. Everything from the height to the back-support it provides matters. This is your posture and health we are talking about. You and your body deserve the very best. Tips from a self-professed bad kid: Be selfish. Raid your office for vacant spaces, find the best empty chairs and claim the best one for yourself.

• Do not become chained to your desk

Develop a trusty inner timer and get in the habit of getting up and waking around for a few moments. Repeat this step as often as possible. Whatever you are doing will still be there upon your return.

• Watch your caffeine intake

It is undeniable, coffee is delicious. For a lot of us, life begins at coffee. It is so much more than a caffeine fix, it is happiness. It is a lovely moment to ourselves. But like all good things, it is never a good idea to become dependent on the things we love just to get through the day. If you feel cranky, can't function properly, or get the bad jitters because you desperately need your fix, it may be time to rethink things.

• Snack smart

Yes, those fresh donuts look delicious and seem to always be readily available in our moments of need. There is certainly no harm in enjoying a sugary treat every once in a while, but needless to say, it is best to think ahead of your frustrated, hungry-self. Have a game-plan. The best way to get around these traps is to pack your lunch. Rid yourself of temptation and bring lots of healthy things to munch at your desk.

• Stay hydrated

Bring your favorite water bottle. Do go for the refills.

• Follow the cute cat's lead and take a moment to stretch

• Remember, you are not what you do

This is the most important thing we'd like to share with you. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult one to achieve; never, ever give up your sense of self. Yes, it is difficult to stay motivated after completing eight hours of hard work at the office, but it is important that you find that something that you love to help you stay sane and happy. Whether it is running, yoga, a challenging weight-lifting session, swimming, or dancing with us... trust us, this is the best and most important thing you will do for yourself.  When we see your face around the studio come six o'clock, your eyes tell a little bit of your story... we understand what you have been through ─ and we are so happy to be there for you! More importantly, we need to sweat, dance, and have fun as much as you do. Find your joy.

This is the untold story of office work ─ while there are certainly more challenging, physically-demanding, and heartbreaking work situations out there ─ sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for eight hours straight is demanding in a very specific way. It requires a true warrior; you. All we can do is hope that we have helped you in some way.