The two most feared words in the dance fitness world: HIP. HOP.

Baile Dance Fitness Studio turned one a couple of months ago. In the year we have been in business, we have noticed some pretty big consistencies, whenever people hear the words 'hip hop' most people instantly become intimidated and almost completely check out. Yes, it's true, the art of hip hop is loved by many people. It would appear that the people who are familiar with hip hop truly love it and are always prepared to dive into it, head first. Everyone else is a little bit scared of it.

This is where WerQ® comes into play. WerQ® is based on the idea of hip hop, but then, in a very smart move, this growing dance fitness class made it completely approachable and oh-so fun. There is a reason why they keep making Step Up movies, people can't get enough of this dance style. WerQ® comfortably exists somewhere between Step Up-like awesomeness and follow-the-leader dance group fitness that is simple and gets right to the point; people love to dance, people want to learn.

WerQ® at Baile Dance Fitness is a mash-up of the playful, popular beats that you listen to in your car on your way to work, which always go hand-in-hand with choreography that is funky, easy to learn/follow, and fun to dance to. Like your knowledge, your WerQ® experience will grow with the passing of each week/lesson. Don't be surprised when you notice that die-hard fans of this class seem to always recognize their favorite songs and will bust out the moves attached to that particular song in front of the studio mirrors at a moment's notice. That's because this class has mass appeal─women and men of all ages love it, and we've also held special WerQ® events that have been custom-made for younger crowds with great results.

Of course, you simply cannot talk WerQ® without mentioning Amber Wood, the single biggest player in bringing WerQ® to Salt Lake City. Her unique style is the biggest reason why WerQ® is something we're incredibly proud of. Amber takes pride in following the WerQ® format, and she tops it all off with her own flavor and funky little subtleties. She understands what her dance army want out of her and her dance classes, the result is a class that will leave your heart pumping and feeling happy.

WerQ® is: cardio dance and toning.

Catch Amber and WerQ® every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m.

With ♥,