BIG 10

Here are Baile's DOs and DON'Ts: WINTER/HOLIDAY EDITION...

DO grab your favorite person, get your coziest blanket and binge watch a TV show you are not familiar with. Parks and Recreation,  American Horror Story, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, White Collar... Ah! So many options! Whatever you choose, this much is true, good television brings people together.

DO throw a Holiday party!

DO go to brunch to Eva's ─ it's so good! And when you do, DO order their Eva's Biscuits and the Stuffed French Toast ─ we promise you won't regret it!

When buying a real Christmas tree, DO look for the magic words: for every tree sold, three more will be planted.

DO dress up your pet in various ridiculous Holiday outfits, take pictures of it and make them your Holiday cards.

DO enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace.

DO get excited for the movie Into The Woods. Trust us, come December 25th, this musical is going to be the hottest ticket around.

DO take ME-time, DON'T forget to have fun; read a book, dance, work out, bake, enjoy a nice meal, write ─ whatever makes you happy, DO more of!

DON'T stress about Christmas shopping. The "happiness" material things tend to bring is fleeting, yet dealing with big crowds and trying to find that ever elusive perfect thing for that special someone consumes us all for a big part of December. Less is more, so give the people you love something meaningful and sweet.

DON'T worry about New Year's resolutions. Rather than making an overwhelming list of things, pick one and stick to it. The truth is: true change is not easy, furthermore, it demands time and dedication.

Much ♥,