PiYo™ means no loud music, no weights, no bands, no crazy jumps and no "burpees," just the use of the most wonderful and effective tool you possess; your own body! During this sixty-minute class, you will go through a series of body strengthening exercises that will leave you feeling strong and energized.

We live in a world where workouts have become a mash-up of different techniques and fitness styles, so similarities between Yoga, Pilates and PiYo™ simply cannot be denied. However, PiYo™ is very much a workout─a workout that your body will thank you for, where as Yoga for example is an experience you 'breathe' and ease yourself into. The PiYo™ soundtrack is more energizing, the pace is a bit quicker and the movement and poses are designed to raise your heart rate and sculpt your body in the most wonderful way!

Catch PiYo™ with Whitney every Wednesday (9:15 a.m.) and Saturday (9:00 a.m.)!