“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

So it is Friday night... you took way too long getting cute for your date, now you are down to an hour and a half before your Indie movie at the Broadway starts ─ and you don't have your tickets yet (!!!). To make things worse, you made that terrifying call to the Copper Onion and they've just informed you that they have a two hour wait for a table for two… yup, your life is basically over...

Fret not, my friends… I am here to help. Yes, trendy restaurants are everything in life. It’s the experience of being part of something that so many people love, which always gives us a sense of belonging. If the food is great, even better! You get to be seen at a hot spot and get to enjoy a fantastic meal… life just does not get any better than that. The problem lies in but one cold fact; Salt Lake City is constantly growing, which means that there are a bunch of other people in our beautiful city who also enjoy getting out and having all kinds of life experiences, which totally makes for cray cray wait times, among other things.

This post is about the hidden gems around the city ─ they are dying to get discovered by you. They are much more low key, considerably more quiet, and the food is just as great as the trendier spots. The service is fantastic and personal ─ that’s right, you won’t be just one more body in there, the staff will be genuinely happy to see you there... dare to imagine that!

Without further ado:

• Tasty Thai (1302 S 500 E, SLC │ 801-467-4070)

Coincidentally, this place was recommended to me by a foodie Baile friend... I have been addicted ever since. The food is just fantastic! It is perfect for lovers of spicy food. This spot reminds me of big city eats ─ this would be the place around the corner from your house... the one you always run to for comfort and a damn good meal. The staff is helpful (they know their menu like the back of their hand, so go ahead, pick their brain) and friendly (don’t be surprised if they quickly learn your name). This place is perfect for a date ─ you will actually be able to be in the moment, enjoy the company, and have a conversation. Word on the street is that this is a fantastic takeout option.

• Vinto (418 E 200 S, SLC │ 801-539-9999)

The best thing about Vinto is that 'it has been there, done that.' It’s been the hot spot… whatever. Vinto seems to understand that that can only get you so far. What remains is my personal favorite wood-fired pizza, delicious gelato (if you are lucky and they happen to have it, try the basil), and good cocktails. Also, the waiters are totes adorbs.

• Chunga’s (180 S 900 W, SLC)

Best authentic Mexican food in town ─ suck on that Frida’s and your pretentiousness. This comes to us straight from Mexico City ─ and trust, that's a great credential to have. This place is all about the food. I know, I know… but this place is always packed! However, I still don’t think of this place as trendy… people just know they are in for some great food.  Furthermore, they seem to understand that good things come to those who wait. I have loved this place years. And it has been fun to see it grow and turn into the monster hit that it is today. Plan ahead, you may not make it to the movie after all.

• The Kathmandu (7th East Shopping Center, 212 700 East, SLC)

For those times when you are craving Indian cuisine but you really don't feel like waiting an hour to get a table at Bombay House. This lovely joint is low key and its atmosphere feels intimate. The service is friendly and prompt. I've never not felt welcome there. Their dishes are consistently delicious. Oh, and their take on naan is just wonderful... it practically melts in your mouth.

Bon appetit!



A healthy metabolism is golden ─ it is the single most important factor in getting the most out of your active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy body weight.

For some lucky ones, it's simply a genetics game, while others actually have to work for it (how fair is that, huh?). No matter which group you belong to, we are here to help. The truth is that there are simple steps you can take to give your metabolism the little boost it needs to keep your body in top form.

• Eat smaller meals throughout the day

“Think of your metabolism like a fire. In order to keep a fire burning you start with a decent amount of wood, then you add a few pieces of wood every few hours to keep the fire burning.” – Goodson

Be sure to include a lean protein (egg whites, quinoa, fish, chicken breast, oatmeal) and a complex carb (yogurt, lentils, brown rice, fruits, vegetables) to your meal.

• Drink water before every meal

Besides keeping you hydrated, it will also make it so that you have a better sense of when you start to feel satiated with your meal, which means that you are less likely to overeat.

• Crank it up

When you are working out, incorporate 60-second intervals of high-intensity activity (running, swimming, dancing), then return to your normal speed afterward. Repeat this process for up to 5 times.

• Pump it up

Don’t get stuck in a cardio rut. Be sure to incorporate strength training into your workout routine. In some ways, one can’t exist without the other.

• Add whey protein to your fruit smoothie

25 grams of protein per serving. It will supply your body with the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and burn fat. Look for a high-quality whey protein with the key words; low carbs (160 per serving is ideal), and no fat.

• Fiber up

A fiber deficiency will undoubtedly derail your diet. Fiber is key to healthy digestion. It will also keep you feeling fuller longer.  Word is that 30 grams of fiber (apples, oats, beans, oats, carrots, lentils, split peas) per day is ideal.




Plank to Side Kick

Targets: core, abdominal and glute muscles.

Start by lengthening your back muscles in the down dog position, take it to a regular straight arm plank, and pull your leg laterally. Repeat for 10-16 repetitions (each leg).

via: theJaimeFit/Jamie Morales

Feeling brave…? Perform this exercise with a stretchy band around your legs for added resistance and strength.

Happy workout!




We know that those eight hours that precede your hour-long dance session with us aren't exactly easy. Which is why we have composed a simple guide to surviving your daily office routine. So without further ado...

• Find the right chair for you

This is probably one the most important things you will do. Everything from the height to the back-support it provides matters. This is your posture and health we are talking about. You and your body deserve the very best. Tips from a self-professed bad kid: Be selfish. Raid your office for vacant spaces, find the best empty chairs and claim the best one for yourself.

• Do not become chained to your desk

Develop a trusty inner timer and get in the habit of getting up and waking around for a few moments. Repeat this step as often as possible. Whatever you are doing will still be there upon your return.

• Watch your caffeine intake

It is undeniable, coffee is delicious. For a lot of us, life begins at coffee. It is so much more than a caffeine fix, it is happiness. It is a lovely moment to ourselves. But like all good things, it is never a good idea to become dependent on the things we love just to get through the day. If you feel cranky, can't function properly, or get the bad jitters because you desperately need your fix, it may be time to rethink things.

• Snack smart

Yes, those fresh donuts look delicious and seem to always be readily available in our moments of need. There is certainly no harm in enjoying a sugary treat every once in a while, but needless to say, it is best to think ahead of your frustrated, hungry-self. Have a game-plan. The best way to get around these traps is to pack your lunch. Rid yourself of temptation and bring lots of healthy things to munch at your desk.

• Stay hydrated

Bring your favorite water bottle. Do go for the refills.

• Follow the cute cat's lead and take a moment to stretch

• Remember, you are not what you do

This is the most important thing we'd like to share with you. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult one to achieve; never, ever give up your sense of self. Yes, it is difficult to stay motivated after completing eight hours of hard work at the office, but it is important that you find that something that you love to help you stay sane and happy. Whether it is running, yoga, a challenging weight-lifting session, swimming, or dancing with us... trust us, this is the best and most important thing you will do for yourself.  When we see your face around the studio come six o'clock, your eyes tell a little bit of your story... we understand what you have been through ─ and we are so happy to be there for you! More importantly, we need to sweat, dance, and have fun as much as you do. Find your joy.

This is the untold story of office work ─ while there are certainly more challenging, physically-demanding, and heartbreaking work situations out there ─ sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen for eight hours straight is demanding in a very specific way. It requires a true warrior; you. All we can do is hope that we have helped you in some way.




We just wanted to share one of the best healthy tips we have found. There's so much information out there, but this one received almost universal acclaim... 

• Warm lemon water first thing in the morning

Benefits include:

• Detoxifying agent

• Aids liver in flushing out toxins

• High in Vitamin C

•Blood purifier

• Balances PH

Let's be honest, kicking our metabolisms into high-gear, first thing in the morning, and with minimal effort sounds kind of amazing, doesn't it...  This healthy practice also serves as an immune system booster and is healthy skin food. Plus, it is delicious!

Happy drinking.



BIG 10

Here are Baile's DOs and DON'Ts: WINTER/HOLIDAY EDITION...

DO grab your favorite person, get your coziest blanket and binge watch a TV show you are not familiar with. Parks and Recreation,  American Horror Story, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill, White Collar... Ah! So many options! Whatever you choose, this much is true, good television brings people together.

DO throw a Holiday party!

DO go to brunch to Eva's ─ it's so good! And when you do, DO order their Eva's Biscuits and the Stuffed French Toast ─ we promise you won't regret it!

When buying a real Christmas tree, DO look for the magic words: for every tree sold, three more will be planted.

DO dress up your pet in various ridiculous Holiday outfits, take pictures of it and make them your Holiday cards.

DO enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace.

DO get excited for the movie Into The Woods. Trust us, come December 25th, this musical is going to be the hottest ticket around.

DO take ME-time, DON'T forget to have fun; read a book, dance, work out, bake, enjoy a nice meal, write ─ whatever makes you happy, DO more of!

DON'T stress about Christmas shopping. The "happiness" material things tend to bring is fleeting, yet dealing with big crowds and trying to find that ever elusive perfect thing for that special someone consumes us all for a big part of December. Less is more, so give the people you love something meaningful and sweet.

DON'T worry about New Year's resolutions. Rather than making an overwhelming list of things, pick one and stick to it. The truth is: true change is not easy, furthermore, it demands time and dedication.

Much ♥,



PiYo™ means no loud music, no weights, no bands, no crazy jumps and no "burpees," just the use of the most wonderful and effective tool you possess; your own body! During this sixty-minute class, you will go through a series of body strengthening exercises that will leave you feeling strong and energized.

We live in a world where workouts have become a mash-up of different techniques and fitness styles, so similarities between Yoga, Pilates and PiYo™ simply cannot be denied. However, PiYo™ is very much a workout─a workout that your body will thank you for, where as Yoga for example is an experience you 'breathe' and ease yourself into. The PiYo™ soundtrack is more energizing, the pace is a bit quicker and the movement and poses are designed to raise your heart rate and sculpt your body in the most wonderful way!

Catch PiYo™ with Whitney every Wednesday (9:15 a.m.) and Saturday (9:00 a.m.)!




The two most feared words in the dance fitness world: HIP. HOP.

Baile Dance Fitness Studio turned one a couple of months ago. In the year we have been in business, we have noticed some pretty big consistencies, whenever people hear the words 'hip hop' most people instantly become intimidated and almost completely check out. Yes, it's true, the art of hip hop is loved by many people. It would appear that the people who are familiar with hip hop truly love it and are always prepared to dive into it, head first. Everyone else is a little bit scared of it.

This is where WerQ® comes into play. WerQ® is based on the idea of hip hop, but then, in a very smart move, this growing dance fitness class made it completely approachable and oh-so fun. There is a reason why they keep making Step Up movies, people can't get enough of this dance style. WerQ® comfortably exists somewhere between Step Up-like awesomeness and follow-the-leader dance group fitness that is simple and gets right to the point; people love to dance, people want to learn.

WerQ® at Baile Dance Fitness is a mash-up of the playful, popular beats that you listen to in your car on your way to work, which always go hand-in-hand with choreography that is funky, easy to learn/follow, and fun to dance to. Like your knowledge, your WerQ® experience will grow with the passing of each week/lesson. Don't be surprised when you notice that die-hard fans of this class seem to always recognize their favorite songs and will bust out the moves attached to that particular song in front of the studio mirrors at a moment's notice. That's because this class has mass appeal─women and men of all ages love it, and we've also held special WerQ® events that have been custom-made for younger crowds with great results.

Of course, you simply cannot talk WerQ® without mentioning Amber Wood, the single biggest player in bringing WerQ® to Salt Lake City. Her unique style is the biggest reason why WerQ® is something we're incredibly proud of. Amber takes pride in following the WerQ® format, and she tops it all off with her own flavor and funky little subtleties. She understands what her dance army want out of her and her dance classes, the result is a class that will leave your heart pumping and feeling happy.

WerQ® is: cardio dance and toning.

Catch Amber and WerQ® every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m.

With ♥,



Here are ten perfectly healthy foods to help nourish your body before, or after your favorite workout (source; HuffPost ─ Helathy Living):

1. Almonds


Almonds are a rich source of fiber, protein, heart-healthy fat, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making them a one-stop-food. Serving size is key as they are they are high in calories, so stick to no more than an ounce.

2. Artichoke Hearts


These small greenish-yellow veggies are jam packed with fiber (12 ounces per cup). Fun fact: a diet sufficient in fiber helps to promote healthy weight, cholesterol levels and digestive health.

3. Avocado


Packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat that helps you feel satiated, avocados are also rich sources of vitamin C, E, potassium, and lutein.

4. Beans


Beans are good for your heart thanks to a high fiber content. Beans also have high levels of iron, potassium and magnesium, which help with bone health and blood pressure levels.

5. Bell Peppers


Bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C, relatively low in sugar, while also providing fiber and several antioxidants.

6. Brown Rice


Fiber-packed and nutrient dense brown rice helps fill you up while being relatively low in calories.

7. Coffee


The perks of this remarkable brew have been more and more researched lately, with potential health benefits including the ability to protect against heart failure, lower depression risk, lower risk of some cancers, protect against diabetes and possibly even help you live longer.

8. Dark Chocolate


Cocoa is able to protect the heart from disease by lowering blood pressure, raising levels of 'good' cholesterol and lowering levels of 'bad' cholesterol, helping with blood flow and even improving insulin sensitivity.

9. Edamame


This green soy bean is packed to the gills with important nutrients like folate, protein, magnesium, potassium and fiber.

10. Eggs

Eggs provide perfect protein in a nutrient-rich, low calorie, low-fat package.


Remember, your workout begins in your kitchen.