Getting our groove back after the weekend can be challenging ─ especially if gay Pride celebrations had you dancing up a storm. Fret not ─ we are here to help. Yoga at Baile (instructed by the amazing Meg) is a wonderful way to get back into your weekly routine in the best possible way; it’s gentle and uncomplicated… like the first part of a brand new work week ought to be.

Yoga Flow has a loyal following and they all agree; it is good for the body and mind.

Go ahead, come get balanced with us.

Tuesdays / 10 am

(image via:  Pexels )

(image via: Pexels)


In essence, Baile is a celebration of music and the effect that it has on the human body do.

Music unites us; it moves us; it connects us.

P.S. We love it when you sing along.

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