Baile is Salt Lake City's premiere dance fitness studio. Located in Sugarhouse, one of Salt Lake's most prominent and hip neighborhoods, Baile specializes in group fitness classes that are based on the concept of dance as a way to lead and maintain a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle. We dance for fitness, we dance for fun, we dance for the love of it. We are a dance family.

Baile Dance Fitness Studio prides itself on bringing the very best instructors who are passionate about dance, fitness and music. We offer a dynamic, versatile and jam-packed class schedule that is composed of original group fitness classes that cannot be found anywhere else; Baila, BE.defined, Ballet Burn, balletFIT, Bootylicious, La Dance, Dance Bootcamp and Just Dance are all shinning examples of what we have to offer at our lovely studio─classes that embrace everything that people love about group fitness, but we've also given it our own personal touch and magic.

Trust us, you can dance.

♥ Baile